Man, this does sound like another TED talk. As we all know its 2021(Yayy! More lives to kill COVID). When we look back towards the previous year, it has given us a chance to improve (To show off obviously). We say that we have learnt a lot during the lockdown but have we? 

As the lockdown started all of us probably felt that it was worth it (Do not mention the idiotic text message that said the earth is healing) and then all out of the blue people started pursuing weird-ass hobbies(What in the actual-).

It also helped us to understand ourselves better. This is what actually means by “Optimum utilization of resources.” Many of us are lazy (including me) and that’s perfectly fine because some or the other day you will realize that no matter how much of a terrible person you may be, you are the best you can be. After realizing all this, you will experience inner peace (Like Po in Kung Fu Panda).  

My point is some people are lazy, arrogant and even failures (Like all of you reading the blog) but people never accept their bad attitudes. That’s our society, they are so stereotyped that they will never fully accept you as you.

I had watched a video showing that we are like clear sparkling water and as we keep adding mud which is represented as negative thoughts the water gets darker and the same happens to us (Totally NOT being racist). 

Accept the negative thoughts and the mocking, ignore the advice that doesn’t apply to you and don’t let people give you advice that sounds illogical or stupid (That might ACTUALLY be useful). 

Make yourself very clear of your goal, some people might be scared to let their parents know, but you know what, in the end, it kinda works out (I think…). 

This is the first stepping stone to laying the foundation of a great personality. Unless and until you fight with your inner demons, you can’t move forward (Imagine Dragons would be proud). 

Take Elon Musk, for example, when he was constructing a space station program many American heroes like Neil Armstrong opposed him which made him very sad and even cry at a speech but now he launched the first-ever privately funded liquid-propellant rocket to reach orbit

Similarly, any profession is not wrong, it is the society which classifies it (Ah shit! Here we go again). Research, experience the thrill and feel your wildest passions and dreams. 

If you truly love something then the path will automatically shine on your feet (That’s such a cliché dialogue). Let go of these chains which are holding you back.

So what if you cheat in your exams, does it seriously affect your future in such a way (Bro, it seriously does, it’s a BIG deal) that people think of you as some kind of underdeveloped or a bad person? 

It’s just the consequences that enable us to commit crimes. Start doing well for the world; prove to people that you will improve. I know it is hard, people may not trust you, and so what aren’t you worth for you. 

So what if you are spat, kicked or cursed (Like Shylock in Merchant of Venice) won’t you be like a shooting star to whoever needs your help? Would you end your life just for a small mistake? (That’s a lot of questions. Chill for now bro). 

The point is life is short; make the most of it because you never know if it ends tragically, cherishes every moment you have, don’t ever stop questioning and always be one with yourself. 

It is easy for me to type just this random shit but to implement it is one’s goal (Even for me). 

Just embrace life and never let it go. Not even for a moment.

Make the most your life guys!, ALWAYS!

“Thanay out “

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