Who Am I? Man, this question really sucks to be answered.” Who are you to question my existence” one might say. While the other may ponder their existence and think that they are a part of an unstable mind entity. (MAJOR BEN 10 ALIEN X VIBES). But jokes aside this question no one can answer but you yourself. Listen to yourself, to what you want. You might want to become a professional gamer, a singer and to make matters amazing even a momo seller! What the hell is wrong with that? People are not here to judge you on the basis of your job or your college degree! How does it matter if you fail a test? Tell me people HOW DOES IT MATTER! Sorry went a little overboard. Tell me guys how does it matter if you miss that one chance to get into the Indian cricket team. I understand it is a crucial part of your career but will you stop striving hard enough to reach that very specific goal. Will you give up? Oh No! You should work so hard that will have splendid consequential results. They should understand your passion and your talent.

Have you ever heard of Rajkummar Rao or even Ayushmann Khurrana? They are one of the most influential and coolest actors till date. Everybody looks at their success but have you ever read or experienced their struggle, their rejection. They were literally insulted in their face. Once you have gone through what they have gone I am literally promising you that you will be able to achieve anything in your life without any effort. Learn rejection and face it like one of your greatest nightmares. 

Now comes the question of Who Am I. Is this a question to be answered? You might be a typical your go-to teenager scrolling through Instagram on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or like the ones they tell on the Spotify Ads. Anyways moving on you might be like me a nerdy guy who fears everything but wants to be that spark in this world. I understood that P.E. is important when I watched Chhalaang. I understood the whole world by just watching Tollywood (Please watch their films. They are PHENOMENAL). 

Now when the question is reverted back to the pros. This is a question only you can answer my dear readers. You are the one and only person who can make a change in this world. This is an arena my friends and don’t stop until you achieve excellence.You are a king without a kingdom. Build that kingdom!

Stay happy guys. Always 

“Thanay out👋🏻”

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