Now, this is weird but at the same times a very important component of our life. 

(How is it weird?). 

The so-called irony is that emotions are such a word that hides so many emotions that the human mind can never even contemplate 

(What can the human mind even contemplate? nothing ). 

Even actors will fall at the feet of emojis. 

You can spend your whole childhood just mimicking emojis and my god you will just give up at a point 

(There are just like 1000 emojis and half of them are animals).  

These emotions play such an important part in our lives that we tend to completely ignore them. 

They are so cunning that we forget to control them. 

We tend to think that we are superior and hence we sometimes control emotions but seriously in such situations one should express yourself to the fullest. 

It is nerve-racking but what is the use of making people happy when you hate yourself. 

When you look into the mirror you always see a person picturised in the clear, pure glass but don’t you ever see that emotion hidden in a sad face? That’s life I guess (That’s shit just thrown at your face)[That is life, just random shit thrown at your face]. 

We are so engrossed in our work that we don’t even pay attention to our surroundings. 

Some random guys scroll’s his phone while walking, some get drunk and waste on the road, some fail their exams and never fail to amuse people around them(Like the R3 batch in Brochevarevarura)[Why do I even bother explaining? Go watch it]. 

In every one of situations, there is a spark (In drunkards too?). A spark of hope, revival and rejuvenation resides in their ability to portray their own emotions vividly and colourfully. 

A man scrolling his phone if he has the right emotions and mindset can stop his addiction and discover a new life that enhances or hones his skills. Similarly, a drunkard can stop drinking. 

That’s one point but he can also portray kindness, happiness and enthusiasm. 

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(Now that’s a controversial statement.) People can’t judge you, you have to judge yourself. 

A group of friends failing may not be the best but you know in the end in every one of these situations you will venture into such deep and emotional aspects of life that will touch your heart most beautifully. 

(You will just creep into their shoes. You stalkers).  

You know our society is so messed up that it teaches us to control emotions, it crushes us, and it tries to make us so adaptive that we always forget ourselves. 

Why? How? When? Nobody teaches us to ask these questions. Control your emotions, don’t express yourself too much. 

This is the shitty stuff that we need to hear every day; even to answer this question we need to think if it’s right. 

Is this justified? 

(Bro obviously not. Are u mad?). 

We are scared that should we express. Will we be accepted? 

These questions are just irrelevant. I saw a movie called Oopiri (A remake of the French film The Intouchables) [Go see it on Netflix noobs] which was based on a quadriplegic businessman who hires a prisoner who is out on parole and they develop a special bond to experience life. 

It is such a beautiful movie; I mean it will question your emotions. How a common man can make such a famous man happy is something to be noted. 

An intricate film based on how to completely express yourself, to be loved, to be happy no matter what. 


This world is based on only the principle that ‘Money means happiness’ but to live your life you don’t need money; a companion can keep you intrigued. 

Live the life you wanted full of peace and different emotions.

Don’t stop until you correct yourself. Make your emotions analyze yourself. 

Be happy no matter what and try to move with life every time it throws shit step on that shit and say ‘F*** you MOFO.

Stay original guys. Always 

“Thanay Out👋”

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