“Our mind is great servant but a terrible master”

-Robin Sharma
cookie jar taken from Unsplashed
  • “Why study? Netflix and chill bro”.
  • “Why exercise? Didn’t I help mom”.
  • “Why shower? Am not getting out of this house anyways”.

Snuggly Blankets and high-speed internet always keep us deeply embedded in our comfort zones. There’s always a series of why running in our cerebrum for every task at hand and though we all know complicated self-help words like Procrastination, Productivity, flow state etc, We never tend to use them.

Like I read 12 books on nutrition but am still munching these Doritos. 

Well here comes into the picture “The cookie jar” method!

Not the eating one fella’s, the hardcore recipe for being absolute unstoppable (T&C- If u apply).

I learnt this concept from “can’t hurt me” written by the legendary David Goggins. Unless you are living under some rock, you must have heard about this guy.

  • Loosing 100 pounds in three months,
  • Running 100 miles without any former practice,
  • Breaking the record for most push-ups in 24 hours.

This guy has broken multiple more such impossible earth-shattering challenges just using the Cookie Jar method and though you need not get so extreme limits, simple tasks such as completing your Homework, Running that extra mile, Reading that last page. The Cookie Jar method is your go-for solution.

  • So what exactly is this amazing method?

We all go through certain times when we overcame adversities, challenges and bad times and though society encourages us to forget the bad times, they end up being the fuel or cookies to use up any challenging situation.

“Okay, we got what you are trying to say but…

  • How to use this awesome method then?

Well any situation where your mind is on the verge of giving up, Begging you to procrastinate and is completely exhausted, All you gotta do is pull up a cookie or bad adversity you overcame in the past and it will act as a fuel and rekindle your inner flame to make you realise your true potential!

You can even put sticky notes on your mirror and pull out each one when you feel like giving up. 

We all have adversities and difficult times in our lives and it’s upon us as humans to either look upon it as a bad memory or use it as a weapon to destroy our demons. 

“Krishna out👋🏻”

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