From the moment we take our first breath, we are bombarded with thoughts telling us what is good and bad, how we should act and behave. These thoughts create our idea of perfection and anyone who lacks this idea falls into our inevitable trap of judging.

The people who don’t strive to achieve their goal live in a constant state of comparison and judgement. This judgement gives them a moment of comfort as they are pointing out something which they lack in themselves.

Judging is a natural human tendency and you cannot magically switch it off but you can decide whether you wanna judge people positively or negatively.

Negative judging or gossiping is the reason why so many people are disconnected from their souls nowadays.

It’s become a common trend which people and certain groups do shamelessly in the name of having fun.

If saying bad about someone together makes you feel like your friendship is getting stronger, trust me it’s just getting worse.

And if a person is saying bad about someone with you consequently do you think he/she won’t say anything bad about you? 

In fact, whenever we judge someone accordingly our subconscious records that and feeds that into our brain. Thus, whatever we say about others, it’s coming deep from inside us.

Try saying positive about someone no matter how terrible the person and see the sense of happiness your whole body will feel. 

You will feel elevated, inspired, motivated and your true childish self.

you will jump with joy and give your 100% in every task you do.

Afterwards, do the same negatively and feel the envy, jealously and anger draining your energy from your soul. 

Whenever you judge someone and are about to say something about him/her, just ask yourself that will you speak the same in front of his/her face.

You’ll get your answer.

“Latke out👋”

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