”6 packs”, “good grades”, “taking a shower”, Any Similarities? All of these things require motivation, lots and lots of motivation! 

But just like all good things, motivation quickly wears out, leaving us miserable.

But what if we could stay motivated forever? 

Yes, my friend. Fucking Forever!

So now am going to teach how you can too be superman/woman with everlasting boundless motivation just flowing through you your veins.

So what exactly is motivation?

What Is Motivation?

24/7 motivation

Motivation is the reason for any action you take. 

  1. Taking a shower because you don’t want to look like an asshole in front of your friends,
  2. Cooking food cause you don’t want to die of hunger,
  3. Socializing with your friends to prevent going mad at your home,

My point is there is a motivation for every action you take.

But for doing something you know will help you in the future like exercising but sucks in the present are pretty hard.

The reason why motivation wears out is that we mainly rely on willpower.

Cause let’s be honest, exercising sucks, studying sucks as well most of the things we tend to achieve. 

Now cause you don’t love the activity, it always feels like a chore, and chores require willpower, lots and lots of willpower which eventually wears out as it’s limited.

But how do we stay motivated doing things we hate?

For that, we have to learn the two types of motivation:

  • Positive motivation: Focusing on the positive things that will happen when you take action. For example:- running every day to lose weight.
  • Negative motivation: Focusing on the negative things that will happen if you don’t take any action. For example:- If you do not complete your homework, your maths teacher might kill you.

Now your aim should always be towards positive motivation as it prevents you from getting to the point where it becomes a negative motivation/ necessity.

Achieving positive motivation can be attained through many methods such as the locus rule or the habit method which seem hard but it’s worth it.

How to make Motivation a Habit?

How to make motivation a habit?

The most effective method to make motivation a habit is the 

“do-something principal” by Mark Manson.

The do something principal as its name suggests means to take action which creates further emotional reactions motivating you to take more action.


When I started out blogging I used the same principle.

I loved writing but I hated editing and required tons of motivation just to open the editing app which quickly wore out.

So I started by editing the header, once the header was done I got a sudden surge of energy and motivation which enabled me to further edit the whole page.

So the next time you feel like giving up and start binging Netflix with a pack of Doritos, 

Just Start!

“Starting leads to success”, Starting is strong enough to push you till the finish. 

 The small sense of achievement gives a strong emotional reaction which surely will get you going.

“The cost of your good habit is in the present and the cost of your bad habit is in the future, and the fact that we prioritize the present over the future ends up making a lot of habit change difficult for that reason”

Why you should Focus on the process rather than the Goals!

Echoing the words of James Clear

“You do not rise to the level of your goals, You fall to the level of your systems.”

-James Clear

In this fast-paced world we often overlook the direction in which we are going but under look how we are going.

The person who enjoys spending hours of blood, sweat and tears in the gym will get results faster than the person who just enjoys the idea of the results.

We become what we are willing to suffer for, If you are wiling to suffer the pain than you deserve the rewards.

So become clear that do you just love the idea of a goal or do you love the pain behind it, Cause its the latter which really works.

Conclusion with incredible 4 tips

Tips on How to stay Motivated all the time

  1. Set Clear Goals:

    So set similar goals which don’t fight for your time but instead help your other goals too. For example, Exercising daily can help you focus more clearly on your studies.

  2. Stay healthy and active:

    You are what you consume, physically and mentally. So eat healthy fruits and vegetables as well as keep in control of what media you are consuming.

  3. Focus more on the process than the goals

    Most of us are so busy looking for the end results that we stop focusing on the process which helps us get there. A man who enjoys working out will get the results much faster than a man who enjoys the idea of getting abs.

  4. Get Started – The do-something principal

    Whenever you feel lousy or like giving up, Just Start, just staring will create such strong emotional reaction in you than you will effortlessly receive incredible motivation to complete the remaining work.

So why you wanna stay motivated all the time?


“Latke out🖐”

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