This lockdown has drained all of our sleep schedules and made us night-owls cause no matter how vigorously we work as soon as we hit the bed, we start feeling an infinite mass of energy. and it’s okay!

It’s bound to happen considering your body produces less melatonin due to our constant use of screens and the fact that we just don’t have enough physical exertion and Vitamin D of the sun to make us feel tired and hence it’s natural to feel mentally fatigued but still not being able to sleep. 

All these things can keep you tossing and turning in bed but by applying and experimenting with just a few tips, you can feel energetic and enthralled and finally have a good night’s sleep.

1.) Do Cardio:

 This one was expected but it is the most important one cause no matter how much mental work you do during the day, without cardiovascular exercises your body won’t feel fatigued.

But don’t make doing cardio your enemy and treat it as fun! Do dancing, jumping, walking or anything which makes your heart pump. do it consistently and it will make your mood and sleep 10 times better!

2.) Cutting your screen time before bed: 

I know you have heard this many times but it works like magic. You need to have the discipline to turn off all your screen whom you have been staring at all day. Just pick a book or start drawing and you will soon feel sleepy.

3.) Limiting your caffeine intake:

Okay I understand, we all love making coffee (no hate towards tea lovers) and for some, it’s the lifeline towards saving their day,

but too much of it in your bloodstream can disable you from sleeping at your natural time. Thus you should at least keep a gap of 6 hours before going to bed. Have 2-3 cups in the morning but don’t have an intake after that.

Well, there are plenty more tips but these three basic ones will make you sleep on your natural schedule and make you good to go.

And remember that a “good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”

“Latke Out 👋”

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