In this era of hours and hours of scrolling through TikTok and a zillion sources of pleasure at your fingertips, Men’s true sense of masculinity is in crises.

At the start of human civilisation, People lived in small groups or tribes. This put an enormous amount of responsibility and pressure on the shoulders of men.

The ability of men to collect resources and protect their people defined the survival of the whole tribe.

Men’s reputation depended on their physical strength as more strength would lead to more collection of resources.

All these lead to the sense of classic masculine energy which not only attracted the opposite gender but gave a feeling of confidence and courage in himself.

Now obviously, We don’t necessarily need to live in jungles and fight a war in Vietnam to get a taste of our masculinity but by getting all the pleasure of the world in our pockets, Masculinity truly is in crises.

So let’s dive into what is modern masculinity, what is the destructive toxic masculinity, what are the species of the almighty alpha males, why is our beloved masculinity in crises and how you can be manly again!

What Is Modern Masculinity?

“We’re designed to be hunters and we’re in a society of shopping. There’s nothing to kill anymore, there’s nothing to fight, nothing to overcome, nothing to explore. 

— David Fincher Fight Club

Modern masculinity is way different from Traditional masculinity. 

Things like hunting and finding resources are replaced by hours and hours of schools and desk jobs. Well, new problems require new solutions!

A person who is physically fit, witty, financially and mentally stable, respect laws and people around him and shows chivalry. 

These virtues of masculinity formulate society’s most effective response against chaos and adversity.

Talking about adversity, Have you ever wondered why men are always aggressive in general? 

Due to constant fear of survival for generations, Aggression and anger somehow are just embedded in most men.  

Instead of suppressing all those negative emotions which will go out in a very terrible way, we should just use them in our daily little wars.

Like while playing a sport, or studying for a test. Use all those tricky emotions and feel yourself.

A person who positively embraces his emotions shows respect towards the opposite gender and others around him and fights every adversity with all his strength. All these basic factors show masculinity.

What is Toxic masculinity?

Now just imagine, all that aggression inserted in a series of negative values and tada! you suddenly have the havoc creating version of men.

The basic of Toxic masculinity arises from these three core components: 

  1. Toughness: The notion that men should constantly be physically strong, emotionally callous and aggressive in nature.
  2. Antifeminity: A constant feeling of being superior to women in all things creates this mindset. This stops them from asking for help or emotional support when needed the most.
  3.  Power: The feeling that men should constantly be in control of everything so that they can gain control and have the respect of others. 

Who are the Alpha males?

Just like every tribe has its leader, there’s an alpha male in every group.

Highly intelligent, confident, and successful, alpha males represent about 70% of all senior executives/leaders.

They are at the top of the food chains, having the highest amounts of masculinity.

Other men want to be him while all women want to be with him. He’s loud, doesn’t care about others and leads the way.

They are dominant and aren’t happy unless sufficed with what they need.

I can go on and on but there’s just so much to know about them, so don’t worry there will be an article soon solely about the alpha males.

Why is Masculinity in crises?

As it’s getting easier and easier for men to attain pleasures, they are seeking the easier path out of everything in life. 

Some examples are:

  • Playing FIFA video game instead of physically playing football,
  • Ordering Junk instead of making something healthy,
  • Binging Netflix instead of reading books.

No wonders depression and anxiety issues among men are at an all-time high when they are not even embracing their true self.

Okay, so enough rant about things, So now to our core question!

how to be a masculine man again?

How to be masculine again

  1. Reconnect with your physical side:

    Go to the gym, Dance in Zumba, try swimming or pretty much anything which gets your heart pumping. You don’t need to get all jacked up but just the bare minimum for balancing your health will make you much more confident externally which will give you confidence internally.

  2. Lead in your field:

    Other peers respected the head of the tribe because he was the best at gathering resources and protecting them against dangers. He was the fastest, strongest and always kept others before himself. Doesn’t matter if you are just a student or an employee, become the best at what you do.

  3. Practice Chivalry:

    Respect your opposite gender and treating them equally won’t make you less of a man, so practice that. And just some small acts of kindness like opening a door for her or pulling a chair for her to sit just shows your character as well.

  4. Practice what you preach:

    Gain the trust and loyalty of your peers by taking doing the things you say. To set an example, you sometimes have to take a fall and that’s okay. But being a liar will subconsciously make you think of yourself as a much inferior person.

  5. Talk less, do more:

    Gossiping and talking bad about others will just prove to your mind that you are inferior and saying terrible things to a person without a reason will just show your insecurities. So stop talking and start taking action.

In The End

Modern Men should embrace traditional masculinity in some ways as staying fit, leading the way and having chivalry for women while at some time opening up and showing their emotional character.

And I would like to end by saying that
“A real man doesn’t seek war but is always prepared for it.”

“Latke out👋”

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