We’ve all wished that just if somehow magically we controlled our emotions in just that one moment, well the whole story would be different, right?

Well to understand how to stay calm under pressure, we first need to understand what does the term “choking under pressure mean”.

And don’t worry its completely fucking normal, a matter of fact even Olympic athletes choke. 

wondering why?

I mean years and years of training and building up of muscle memory but still face such a horrendous level of choking.

There are many reasons for choking under pressure and this phenomenon is very common among sportsmen 

but there are three main reasons why people choke under pressure (and how to avoid them.

Less Distractions results in Less pressure

Pretty simple right! The distraction theory suggests that performance suffers when the mind is preoccupied with worry, doubts or fears. 

The mind can only take up to a limited amount of information at once and when relevant and irrelevant thoughts compete for attention, it usually results in fucking up your focus.

 TalentSmart has conducted research with more than a million people, and we’ve found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress to remain calm and in control.

So make sure to have very few distractions at hand and focus only on the relevant part. You can practice this by going into the “choking situation” again and again which will eventually make you unfuckable.

Stop Overanalyzing

When under pressure, we often overcomplicate the situation by either asking “what if” questions or by Focusing on the automatic tasks.

Lemme explain!

1.) Asking “what if” questions will just lead to the adding of more fuel into the fire of fire and stress. 

Instead, try being positive.

By positive, I don’t mean neglect all the possible fuckup things but hope for the best outcome cause as the saying goes 

” Prepare for the worst, hope for the worst”.

2.) Most athletes spent years working hard but fail to perform when it matters the most. 

For example, Ron is a professional golf player. Ron works years practising on how to puddle the golf ball into the hole as precisely as possible. 

After so much practice Ron could easily puddle the ball without thinking much about his hand mechanics.

At the time of the main competition, Ron suddenly strives to be a Perfectionist and focuses more on the mechanics and the swinging of his hand rather than just focusing on the hole.

Guess what?

Ron ends up losing terribly due to pressure.

The moral of the story, “Don’t be Ron.”

Once perfected a move, let it automatically happen. Don’t fuck up the moment by overthinking about it.

Practice Under Pressure

Common, wasn’t this even obvious! You may never be able to improve if you don’t undergo choking situations. 

Just as coal undergoes tremendous pressure to turn into a beautiful sparkling diamond, You have to undergo pressure situations to turn into the best version of yourself. 

Once you practice enough under stressful situations, you will eventually get better and your anxiety and fear will decrease with every session.

The Bottom Line 

In the end, you have to undergo pressure as it brings out the peak pressure from under you and makes you excel at your craft. 

But just like any other thing in the world too much of it can put you at a major disadvantage.

Basic precautions like having fewer distractions, Stopping overanalyzing/overthinking the situation and practising enough under pressure will make you the master at your thing!

“Latke Out👋”

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