Friends!, Such wonderful little creatures right? Now before I get all cheesy and shit about how important friends are, let’s understand practically why do we need friends (who doesn’t like to be alone right!). 

There’s a large difference between good friends and fucked up friends. The Japanese concept of Ikigai (living longer bullshit) mentions the critical importance of friendships in our life.

See Friendships are not some mathematical equation. if your friend asks your help but you deny him/her by removing your notebook and calculating “you have helped me only 4 times this month while I have done 5 times”. This shit doesn’t work like this.

It doesn’t matter if your friend bought you a brand new shining Ferrari or if you buy them the latest fucklious iPhone.
It matters that you have their backs when needed, when needed you can crash at their place, without them asking you a million questions.
Good friendship encourages us to take risks, get out of our comfort zone and do have someone to fall back on when needed.
Cause you know now that no matter how much you fuck up, they are always fucking there. This rock-solid support system will make you invincible.

How to find faithful friends and the three types of friends?

Ok!, but how and where will we find such fucking gems?Try this easy litmus test for faithful friends. The next time you are fucked, call your so-called bestie whom you really admire and see their response, Now their response can be anything (they can’t respond also if they are too terrible)

  1. Well, the most honest ones will give you the least sarcastic advice about where you went wrong and make you feel terrible about yourself which will eventually help you. Hey man, if you got such friends, keep them, they are true fucking gems!
  2. Then comes those friends who ignore your mistakes and just blindly consolidate you which will make you feel good at the moment but avoid the fact that you behaved like a complete asshole. These feel-good friends are pretty toxic, Stay away!
  3. They there come those who really don’t give two fucks about you but you asshole can fucking die for being with them for their looks, money, fame whatever. You always have their backs but they never fucking care about you, They use you and you accept that fact for being with them. Now that!, that’s freaking the most terrible cause not only are you destroying your self-respect, but you are also literally worshipping them and it sounds like some business, Not friendship!
  4. Eg:- I remember there was this fat untalented super idiotic girl in our class whom no was interested to be friends with, so she did what most assholes do. She blindly started to follow the popular girls, got into their gang and eventually did everything they used to do. Now ain’t this like selling your own identity for someone, you get my point.

Don’t rush the process fucker.
Just keep working for your goals.
Cut all the toxic ones (Legit cut okay, that means to even block them)
and now patiently wait for the new ones.

Now this anticipation of waiting may kill you but it’s worthwhile cause all good things take time. Now once you find the super supporting assholes, Keep them! Talk to them, share your problems, share your success, invest your time, energy, money and love in them and like any other good things it will blossom with time. Blossom!

“Latke out👋🏻”

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