“You matter”, “You are special”, “you are loved”

Unless you are living under some rock you must have heard this clingy Feel Good Self-help quotes which Give you a completely false ideology of what you really are!.

Earth 🌍 From 3.7 Billion miles

The famous “Pale Blue Dot” image of Earth is taken from 4 billion miles away. To the untrained eye, the image may not look like much, but that one pale blue pixel you’re looking at is Earth in the vastness of space.

That small impeccable dust bouncing upon this vast universe of space and time, well you are practically nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all this to make you feel worse about your life and make you think of killing yourself, I am just saying Stop giving so much value to yourself that it will stop you from Growing.

Didn’t quite get it?

look at Teacup above, Now try pouring more tea into it, will it go? No!, That’s the same with life, If you try absorbing new ideas and concept (or any person) into your life, How can you ?, When so many Strong pillars of fake ideas and values are engraved in your mind already.

We often go through our life overthinking and worrying about every single thing from texting a person to choosing what to eat in dinner, Just the change of perspective gives us so much of power and confidence to do things Without thinking much!. Cause just distancing yourself from all your problems gives you such an incredible perspective.

Well then how to keep ourselves from luring into the trap of excessive self-evaluation, it’s easy!

Just cut off yourself from all the toxic positivity and people. Cause trust me, The people who care about you will criticise you rather than complimenting you” cause proper criticising takes thinking, and in turn, good criticism is as valuable as gold. 

I recently saw a lady on Instagram covered by some 12 kilos of make-up saying “you are beautiful just the way you are”, 

Are these the kind of people you wanna be influenced with?

Is this your very own self-care content?

Cause let’s face it, just like the food you eat defines your body, The content you consume Defines your values, And how will you ever grow when this is what surrounding you always.

This small dot taught me my existence in this Vast universe and how I am destroying my precious time over here worrying and reading these values of people defining me when they themselves are just acting.

So stop worrying, your size in this universe and the time you have left is very little.

empty your cup, empty your values and change your perspective.

“Krishna out 👋🏻”

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