I remember Having a conversation with one of my senior’s a few years ago and while we were pretty out of our senses (High), he told me,” I wanna get in the video gaming industry man”, i replied “pretty cool man”, thinking it to be some dumb teenage idea but Three years down the line everything this guy has done has led him a to be a professional gamer. Now I know what you and I will honestly think, “Fuck this guy!” Like who discovers their life’s purpose so easily and early. I didn’t know if I was gonna start this blog like until a week ago,

So here the fundamental concept comes, How do we really find our lives purpose!?

Life Purpose, this concept is so fanaticised and dramatised By the self-help industry to a point where it sounds cringe asf. So let’s breakdown into basics and delve into how we can really find our lives purpose.

1) Step 1:- pondering over passion

Now I know this one you might have heard everywhere but it doesn’t need to be so important to find, Like the Definition of passion is “a very strong liking for or interest in something”, and it can literally be anything:-

scrolling insta while eating Doritos (check)

Watching Cliche romantic shows (check)

Overthinking on smallest thing’s (check)

Hey Man, If that’s your thing, Go for it! 

But here’s the part which sucks, your passion should come in perfect sync with Value and Your ability.

Step 2:- Finding It’s Value

Now that you have your list of passions, find the one which other people value (i.e-which they will pay for) which in this case sadly isn’t watching cliche romantic shows. As I told you earlier this part sucks but truth be told it’s what will fill your pockets at the end of the day.

The Circle of Life purpose (Ikigai as called in japan),

Step 3:- Ability (Getting enough!?)

Now if luckily you succeed in both the steps, “You gotta find something you are good at!”. And being good at something requires immense time, patience and energy but as you already love what you are doing then this becomes the fairly easy bit.

Now here also some people say “Krishna”, we are good at nothing! what should we do!? Well, there has to be something ain’t it, maybe you haven’t tried enough stuff, You haven’t experimented enough, So stop being such a narcissist and do something at least!

Well now if you have the opportunity to ask this question of life purpose to yourself, you are pretty goddamn lucky, Like imagine for a second a poor person living in a poor village, Will he think about life purpose!? No! He will just think about Food! or electricity.

So if you have the privilege of asking this question you are already above 95% of the population so

well done! nice job.

Lastly, I would like to say you got a phenomenal life, Don’t waste it entrapping yourself in this cocoon of life purpose, Cause your life purpose will never be the same, maybe Doritos isn’t your thing anymore, Maybe Romantic shows are boring and maybe your high paying work isn’t so high paying after all,

Cause people change, Values change and so does your purpose.

“Krishna out 👋🏻”

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