Howdy Amigo ,

So let’s have an open conversation about who I am and what’s this website is about.

I started reading Self-Help Books almost a year ago and though few of them were amazingly honest and helpful,

Most of them were just the culmination of quotes like “never give up” and the same success stories of people wrapped in shiny covers of feel-good shit.

1.) Why I Started This Blog?

I found this very intriguing and felt that there was really a need for some practical Self-Development advice which not just feels good but actually works also.

  • People fail to realise that for every Steve Jobs or Bill Gates there were thousands of people who started software companies and put in the same amount of efforts, time, energy and sacrifice.
  • But just because they failed to hit the right combination they failed.

The Self-Help industry doesn’t look at those thousand failed people who put in the same efforts but just look to replicate the few top ten who barely somehow scarped to success.

For this very reason, I felt the strong need to start a tailor-made personal development blog which doesn’t solely focus on success,

But gives flinchingly honest advice which is practical and non-bullshitty (to the point).

2.) How my Blog will help you?

So I started reading more practical books, articles and hearing more podcast and videos mixing them with our daily lifestyle.
A culmination of pragmatic scientific advice along with tons of humour being your perfect “Practical Self-Help Provider”.

I know that I still have a long way to go but I won’t stop now, not until I am dead or completely incapacitated.

3.) Who am I?

Bookworm, Avid-reader, call me whatever you want I am just in love with books. Dozens of ideas need to go somewhere right?

I am a 14-year-old teen obsessed with Self-Improvement and Personal Development.

With so much knowledge in hand, I swore to add as much value as possible to all the troubled souls out there.

Keeping in mind the majority of the miserable Self-Help industry, I mixed pragmatic scientific facts with our daily feelings of humour for being your Perfect ” Practical Self-Help Provider”.

So buckle up and let your very own “Practical Self-Help Provider” to show you the right fucking path.

“Latke out👋🏻”