Most of us go through life seeking constant happiness without ever asking why we should be happy. 

It’s what our parents, teachers and the whole self-help positivity cult shove up our throats which we keep following like blind fucking sheep.

As I am high on emotions today, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite fucking emotion, happiness!

So let me teach you what is happiness? And the three reasons why you should stop chasing happiness.

What is Happiness?

Happiness like anger, sadness and frustration is an emotion.

When we go through other emotions, we never think about why we feel these emotions except happiness.

  • For example, your girlfriend cheated on you with your best friend.
  • So you get furiously fucking angry. 
  • Now you won’t sit back and question why the fuck I am angry? You just except it!
  • But when we are happy, we fuck feeling happy by overthinking a million times about why the heck are we feeling happy and how to chase this feeling 24 hours a day like bloody drug addicts.

But being happy feels fucking great right! 

The feeling of euphoria is worth chasing? No!

“So let me tell you three reasons why chasing happiness is terrible!”

Being yourself is better than being happy

Being yourself is more important than being happy

  • We often fake our happiness which causes most of our misery.

If you feel sad, then weep a tear, trust me you will feel better after some time. 

What most people do is suppress their emotions in the pursuit of happiness.

Constantly suppressing our emotions lead to depression and all sorts of mental illness in the long term.

Just like  

  1. A confident person doesn’t need to show his confidence,
  2. A rich person doesn’t need to show his wealth,
  3. A happy person doesn’t need to show his happiness.

So the next time you feel fucked cause of any reason 

  1. respect your emotions,
  2. do what they tell you to do and
  3. please do not force yourself in the facade of being happy when you are feeling miserable.

Stop exchanging pleasure for happiness!

  • We often tend to exchange short-term pleasure for long term happiness.

We love regular hits of dopamine which we easily mistook for happiness.

And if you think that there is nothing bad in achieving pleasure, 

just ask 

How pleasure ruined people’s life:

1. A man who almost ate himself to death
2. A drug addict how his pursuit of pleasure turned out,
3. An alcoholic who drank his life away.

  • Pleasure can be achieved with substances;
  • happiness cannot be achieved with substances. 
  • Pleasure is experienced alone;
  •  happiness is experienced in social groups. 

The extremes of pleasure all lead to addiction, whether they be substances or behaviours.

Pleasure is a momentary feeling that comes from something external — a good meal, our stocks going up, 

binge-watching shows and so on.

 Pleasurable experiences can give us momentary feelings of happiness

but this happiness does not last long because it is dependent upon external events and experience.

So always strive for the long game cause short-term pleasure eventually adds to up misery, lots and lots of misery!

We stop observing little things which make us happy!

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

  –Arthur Conan Doyle

We often tend to ignore the little wonder while chasing the big one’s, When was the last time you enjoyed the:-

  • 1.Seeing the sunrise and sundown,
    2. Sleeping while the rain gently beats against your window,
    3. Finishing your girl-/boyfriends sentences,
    4.The delicious smell in your kitchen when you bake a cake,
    5.Waking up way too early so you can continue sleeping for hours.

In this face-paced world, we have truly lost the essence of enjoying the little beautiful things which truly make us feel happy.

Studies show that people who find joy in materialistic things are much more anxious.

So stop being such a narcissist and start enjoying the little gifts this world has to offer.

So take a break once in a while and feel the wind against your face, trust me you will feel much happier.


So the three powerful reasons you should stop chasing happiness asap why:-

  1. Being yourself is more important than being happy 
  2. Stop exchanging pleasure for happiness!
  3. We stop observing little things which make us happy!

Happiness like any worthwhile thing in life cannot be forced but felt. 

So what are the few things which make you happy?

comment down below!

“Latke Out👋🏻”

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